Things I learned by failing at Green Fox – Introduction

A month passed since it all became a reality. A month full of agony, shame, but also thinking deeply about what I learned.

Many people posted about the circumstances that potentially lead to the death of the fox. One of the best was written by former CEO Kristof Bardos: Necrology of Green Fox

I’m more interested in what I had to learn.

So I decided to start a series of articles about what I learned in the past months and years. Part of it is self-therapy. Part of it is a reminder for my future self. But I also I can help some of you out there.

Topics that I intend to include:

  • Cash-flow
  • Cost cutting
  • Stress
  • Team, hiring and firing
  • Holacracy
  • General Management

I’m going to publish a new article every Tuesday and Thursday, and I’ll keep a collection of articles published in this post: